High-Rise Tower for Fire Test

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High-Rise Fire Tower

The Tower is integrated with high-rise and underground buildings for the comprehensive full-scale fire researches, with high-rise building fire prevention and control technology as the research emphase. The Tower has a floor area of 5,999 m2, a height of 39.6 m, a total of 12 floors, and a basement floor height of 4.5 m. The Tower can be used to conduct fire test research on fire causes, fire spread, automatic fire alarms, smoke control, emergency evacuation, sprinkler system, fire fighting and escape, as well as fire prevention and fire-fighting research on building elements (components), building materials, and building interior decorations. Moreover, the Tower can provide an ideal venue for students’ practice from fire institutes, and fire services’ fire-fighting and rescue trainings, and can also provide a full-size model for the verification of fire protection solutions.