Established with the approval of the former National Bureau of Standards and the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Fire Building Materials was formally authorized by the former National Bureau of Standards in 1987 to become one of the first batch of 113 national product quality inspection and testing centers in China.

The Center has received approval for 293 standards and over 1,000 parameters, and is the main body in charge of the testing for eight different kinds of products, namely flame retardant materials and products, insulation materials and systems, building decorative materials, fireproof products, fire-resistant elements for buildings, smoke control equipment, wires and cables, and fire-fighting equipment. The Center's laboratory has undertaken subcontracting work from a variety of famous certification centers at home and abroad, such as the Certification Center for Fire Protection Products of MEM (CCCF), China Quality Certification Center (CQC), China Classification Society (CCS), the TÜV, and the British Standards Institution (BSI). In this way, the Center provides corporate customers with the voluntary certification and testing service for a wide variety of fire products, including fireproof materials, fire-resistant elements for buildings, smoke control equipment, and wires and cables.

In addition to its testing work, the Center has also carried out basic scientific research on fire protection, the amendment of standards (fireproof building materials, fire-resistant elements (components), fire protection materials, etc.), and the development of related test devices, so as to keep its leading edge in the testing sphere.