About Us


Sichuan Fire Science and Technology Research Institute of MEM (hereinafter referred to as SCFRI) was founded in 1963, and is currently a non-profit fire research institute directly subordinate to the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) of the People's Republic of China. It is the first comprehensive institute engaged in the building fire research in China.

SCFRI mainly focuses on the research on building fire theory, building structure fire prevention, fire risk assessment, building fire damage identification, building smoke control, sprinkler systems, flame retardant technology and building fire protection, evaluation of fire smoke toxicity, occupant safety evacuation, fire trace evidence analysis technology, natural disaster emergency rescue, firefighter occupational safety, health and wellness, and other fields. In addition, SCFRI works on the research and development of new fire building elements (components) and fire-retardant materials, as well as on the testing of fire materials. SCFRI has set up over 30 professional laboratories and identification and testing centers, including the National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Fire Building Materials and Sichuan Fire Research Institute Forensic Identification Center of MEM.

After nearly 60 years of construction and development, SCFRI has upheld the building research as its core and developed to the other fields involved in the “comprehensive disaster and large-scale emergency”. Additionally, it has cultivated an impressive core of exemplary fire research talents and established a highly-educated, world-class and young research team, which mainly consists of postdoctorates, doctors, and masters. Currently, SCFRI boasts approximately 150 professionals specialized in such fields as architecture, chemistry, chemical engineering, machinery, electronics, electricity, materials, instruments, information and communication, computer, foreign language, finance, auditing, and law, as well as more than 10 experts enjoying the State Council government allowance or ministerial allowance.