Talent Team

Post-Doctoral Research Center

In December 2003, SCFRI officially established the Post-Doctoral Research Center to cultivate post-doctorate researchers. Initially named as the Post-Doctoral Research Center of Sichuan Fire Science and Technology Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the Center was renamed as the Post-Doctoral Research Center of Sichuan Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) since the fire and rescue service was transferred from the MPS to the MEM.

The Centre conducts postdoctoral researches in the following fire and rescue areas.

◆ Flame-retardant protection materials and application technology.

◆ Fire and explosion prevention technology.

◆ Fire spread control technology.

◆ Smoke control technology.

◆ Fire-fighting technology.

◆ Occupant evacuation technology.

◆ Emergency rescue and response technology.

◆ Informatization technology.

◆ Disaster and accident investigation technology.

◆ Firefighter occupational safety, health, and wellness.

◆ Fire and emergency rescue standards and codes.

To date, the Center has employed 9 post-doctorate researchers, 4 of whom have left the Center upon the employment expiration and the other 5 post-doctoral researchers are still working here.