SCFRI has successfully researched and developed China's first generation of glass ball valve sprinklers with four thermometric scales, environment-friendly fireproof coatings for tunnels, fireproof boards for tunnels, and water-based fireproof coatings for steel structures. Attaining a world-class level according to all technical indicators, the above coatings and boards are widely used in various traffic tunnels, underground projects, and steel structure projects, filling what had previously been a domestic gap. In addition, SCFRI's modified amino intumescent fireproof coatings, ultra-thin intumescent fireproof coatings for steel structures, and fireproof coatings for indoor and outdoor steel structures have been listed in national-level new product key promotion projects by the State Science and Technology Commission of China. SCFRI has provided fire optimization solutions for hundreds of construction projects and solved key technical problems, making a significant impact on China's fire industry. Additionally, SCFRI has actively conducted research on equipment serving fire services, and developed various equipment which has been put into pilot application in 31 brigades across the country. This equipment includes portable on-site testers for fireproof coatings of steel structures, second-generation portable on-site detection devices for fire hoses, portable demonstration devices for electrical fire causes, and controllable smoke generators with large volume,which have been put into pilot application in 31 fire services across the country.