The Sichuan Fire Science and Technology Research Institute Forensic Identification Center of MEM is the merger between the former Sichuan Fire Evidence Forensic Identification Institute and the former Sichuan Fire Evidence Identification Center of the Fire Department of MPS, to meet the needs of emergency rescue and social forensic identification. The Center can provide the services of trace evidence identification, trace forensic identification, fire accident identification of motor vehicle, fire scene inspection, forest fire investigation, evidence testing of spontaneous fire, residue detection of inorganic explosion, fire performance testing of materials, kinds of simulation tests, technology training of fire investigation, development of national and professional standards, electrical fire testing, assessment of fire property loss, data recovery, video analysis and 3D modeling of fire scenes.
The Center has established a highly educated professional identification team composed mainly of doctor's and master's degree holders. The research staff of the Center has been undertaking the research projects at the national, provincial or ministry’s level, leading or participating the development of numbers of national, professional or local standards, and carrying out lots of fire investigation and evidence identification work, which has enriched the staff with research and practice experience. Covering an area of over 2,000 square meters, the Center's campus mainly houses equipment such as gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, differential scanning calorimetry analyzer, thermal geometric analyzer, stereo microscope, inverted metallurgical microscope, ultra-high speed 3D laser scanner, ion chromatograph, scanning electron microscope, X-ray energy-dispersion spectrometer, automatic mounting press, and automatic grinding and polishing machine, flash point tester, tester of solid ignition temperature, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, X-ray machine, cone calorimeter, testing platform for fire risk of new energy.