SCFRI has undertaken a variety of tasks as part of the National Scientific and Technological Program from the 8th to the 14th Five-Year-Plan periods, the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), National Program of Natural Science Foundation, and other key research programs at the ministerial or provincial levels, while actively conducting collaborative research programs with a number of social institutions.

Since its establishment, SCFRI has achieved fruitful research results and won nearly 200 research awards. A large number of SCFRI's distinctive achievements have served as major breakthroughs in theory and application and been widely applied, making significant contributions to a safe and healthy social and economic environment.

Basic Fire Theory and Product Development

Fire science and application technology

Building fire theory

Fire safety technology for building structure 

Assessment technology for fire risk

Identification technology for building fire damage

Building smoke control technology

Sprinkler system technology

Occupant evacuation

Material combustion characteristics

Research and development of new fire building elements (components) and fire building materials

Technology of fire protection and flame retardance 

Natural disaster emergency rescue

Firefighter occupational safety, health, and wellness

Forensic Identification

(Fire) trace evidence identification

(Fire) trace forensic identification

Traffic accident trace identification (motor vehicle fires only)

Testing Technology

Fire building materials, including all kinds of flame retardant products

Fire building elements (components), including fire doors and windows, and smoke control dampers

Fireproof coatings

Flame retardant and fire-resistant cables

Fire hydrant boxes

Emergency lightings