Talent Team

Yang Shiqun

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Yang Shiqun has worked on the research of the formation mechanism and identification technology of fire evidence for nearly 20 years. She has headed many programs at the national, ministerial or provincial levels, the R&D of the testing platform for the frequent occurrence cause and the prevention and control technology of electrical fires, and has obtained over 10 invention patents. Additionally, Yang has gained rich experience in fire investigation and evidence technology after investigating the cause of many general fires and some serious fires. For example, in June 2018, she investigated the cause of the 6.1 Dazhou Haoyixin Mall Fire, and in April, 2020 investigated the 3.30 Xichang Forest Fire as an expert. Furthermore, Yang has carried out the research on the subject of Basic Database of Combustion Characteristics of Materials and Components in Fire Investigation in the national key program Research and Construction of Basic Database of Fire Investigation and Related Information in China, and headed or participated in several ministerial or provincial programs, including Research on the Safety Identification of Electrical Insulating Materials Through Thermal Analysis, Research on Microscopic Analysis Technology of the Reliability of Circuit Conductors, Research on Identification Technology of Typical Traces in Fires, Research on Electrical Fire Ignition Source Elimination Device and Detection Technology, Causes of Frequent Occurrence of Electrical Fires & the Popularization and Application of Intelligent Fire Prevention and Control Devices, and Research on Fire Risk of Home Appliance Circuit Boards.