Talent Team

Zhang Xiang

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Zhang Xiang has played an important role in the research on more than 10 subjects above the ministerial or provincial levels, including subjects supported by the National Key Research and Development Program during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, the National Sci-Tech Support Plans during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and Eleventh Five-Year Plan Periods, and the Social Public-Interest Special Research of China, as well as the technology development special subject of the national research institute, the key research subject of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), Sichuan provincial key research subject and the key subject of Fire and Rescue Department of MEM. Additionally, Zhang has published more than 20 papers, and successfully received 8 patents from China National Intellectual Property Administration, 2 software copyrights and 8 public invention patents. He has won 1 second prize and 2 third prizes of the Science and Technology Award of MPS, 2 second prizes of the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award and 1 first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the former Fire Department of MPS. In 2008, Zhang got the title of Advanced Individual Enhancing the Police with Technology by the former Fire Department of MPS, and received the ministerial allowance from the Ministry of Public Security. He has made a great deal of contribution to the development of fire science and technology in China.