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Zhang Zejiang

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Zhang Zejiang is certified as a Level 1 fire engineer and serves as the secretary-general of Fire Prevention Materials Branch of CFPA. He has solved many technical problems in fire protection for precast steel structures, extremely long tunnel structures and aluminum alloy structures of large-spaced net frames for a considerable time. As he has carried out a large number of original research programs, he has made a great deal of technology breakthroughs and gained valuable and impressive research achievements. Zhang received the ministerial allowance from the Ministry of Public Security in 2016 and gained the honorary title of Outstanding Party Member of the Public Security Department of Sichuan Province. Over the past five years, Zhang has won 12 science and technology achievement awards, including 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and 10 provincial or ministerial awards, published 2 monographs and more than 20 papers, obtained a total of 60 patents, headed 7 programs and participated in 17 programs. He has headed the development of the Fire Safety Code for Road Tunnel, T/CECS712-2020 Technical Code for Fire Safety Engineering of Pseudo-Classic Architecture and T/CECS756-2020 Technical Specification for Fire Safety of Aluminum Structures in Buildings, and participated in the development of GB 51249-2017 Technical Code for Fire Safety of Steel Structure in Buildings and GB/T 50165-2020 Technical Code for Maintenance and Strengthening of Ancient Timber Buildings.