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Zhao Chenggang

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Zhao Chenggang has taken part in a considerable number of science research programs at the national, ministerial or provincial levels, developed many national or professional standards as an editor-in-chief or a co-editor, and devoted himself to the research on testing technology and standardization of the fire performance of building materials and the fire resistance of building elements (components) for many years. His recent science research and awarded programs include the Research and Development of New Fireproof Technologies and Materials (item number: 2011BAK03B03, ranked 12th), the Research on Fire Prevention and Control Technology in Comprehensive High Buildings and Large Underground Spaces (item number: 2011BAK03B01, ranked 16th), the Research on Fire Prevention and Control Technology in Comprehensive High Buildings (item number: 2011BAK03B0101, ranked 6th), and Research on New Evaluation Technology for Fire Retardancy and Fire Risk of Materials and Products (item number: 2011BAK03B0304-1, ranked 3rd), all of which were supported by the National Sci-Tech Support Plan, a ministerial application innovation program called Study on Fire Risk Evaluation of Solar Cell Component Materials (item number: 2014XFCX15, ranked 3rd), and a provincial program of Study on General Technical Specification for Fire Prevention of Urban Rail Bus (item number: ZYBZ2013-20, ranked 2nd).