Talent Team

Wang Liangwei

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Wang Liangwei has accumulated a great deal of practical experience in the testing of fire building materials and relevant products and of fire elements (components), and in the development of codes and standards, the research and development of testing equipment, and the basic fire research. The study at the Warrington Fire Research Centre in England from September to December 2005 has strengthened his theoretical foundation and enhanced his insight into foreign counterparts' development. At present, as the deputy director of NFTC, Wang is mainly in charge of the quality control, technology development, NFTC’s laboratory construction, and the voluntary certification for fire protection products, which has enriched his research management experience. As a member of the Eighth Technical Subcommittee (Building Elements) of National Fire Protection Standardization Technical Committee, Wang has participated in or taken charge of over 20 programs concerning standard development and basic science research, and been skilled in both standardization and science research. Furthermore, Wang was appointed as the member of the Professional Group for Fire Science and Engineering Technology of the Science and Technology Award Evaluation Committee under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in July, 2014, enabling him to gather rich experience in program review.