Talent Team

Lu Guojian

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Lu Guojian has presided over and completed the development programs of the National S&T Infrastructure and Facility, and more than 10 programs, including the National Key Research and Development programs, ministerial key programs and bureau key research and development programs since the Ninth Five-Year Plan period. As part of these, Lu has undertaken and finished two bureau key research programs in the field of firefighting and rescue technology, respectively the Study on Key Technology and Tactics of Smoke Control in Subway Station, and the Research on Prediction and Warning Technology of Typical Building Collapse in Fire. In addition, he has obtained 8 patents, 3 of them for inventions and 5 for utility models. Lu has taken an active part in the fire standardization, headed the development of national and professional standards such as GB20286, GA159 and GA160, and also participated in the development of GB8624, GB8627, GB8628, and GB14656.